Shipments and returns


Shipping by express courier (SDA/TNT/GLS/UPS)



Not included are the costs of duties and tax for countries outside the EEC that you will be pay at the delivery moment, (for information, you should contact the UPS of your country).

For the following destinations:

  1.     Austrian territories of Jungholz and Mittelberg
  2.     Principality of Monaco
  3.     Republic of San Marino
  4.     French overseas departments (DOM - Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guyana and Reunion))
  5.     Isle of Man (UK)
  6.     Canary Islands (Spain)
  7.     Faroe Islands (Denmark)
  8.     Greenland
  9.     Heligoland (Germany)
  10.     Territory of Busingen (Germany)
  11.     Ceuta and Melilla (Spain)
  12.     French Overseas Territories (TOM - French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, New Caledonia, French Southern and Antarctic islands) and the Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte, St. Pierre and Miquelon.
  13.     Livigno and Campone of Italy
  14.     Italian national waters of Lake Lugano (between Ponte Tresa and Porto Ceresio)

although part of the EU there may be customs duties or taxes, payable at the time of delivery; The Shipping is done by registered International

Once registered (and the registered place of destination) charges will be clearly displayed before confirming the order.
Delivery is made within 24 hours of receipt of payment by express courier, excluding weekends and holidays, and delivery is estimated at 24-48 hours of departure (2/3 days for states away), not to have mistakes we recommend indicate an address where there is always someone and the exact name shown on the bell.
All methods of transportation are traceable.

Credit card / Paypal: through the PayPal web site (if you do not have a Paypal account you can directly use your credit card without having to open a paypal account: in this case in the payment page below the boxes for login directly enter the data of the credit card) discover how on this page

Bank Transfer: Payment must be made within 24 hours of receiving notification of order if we do not receive confirmation of payment leaders Verrano relisted

Postepay ONLY FOR DELIVERY IN ITALY (when finished shopping will be sent an email with the number of postpaid charging required)



We want your shopping experience to be like the one in the store, or rather ... better!

We are always at your disposal and you can be contact in chat (which is active 24 hours a day) either via mail or phone, if you have any doubt please feel free to contact us, we always provide details, measures and any information you need.

However, we must protect and protect our customers to prevent their clothes from spinning (tingling) just for the sake of making a picture or just trying an article. We do everything in order for your purchases to get perfect without having made a way to go empty.

Before shipping check that the items have no defects, if you have missed something you can contact us and make the arthritis.

If the size is wrong, you can contact us and return the items to your expense no later than 7 days from the receipt, provided INTEGRIES, NOT USED, NOT MAKED AND PROVIDED FOR ORIGINAL CARDS ATTACHED , you must first contact Customer Care Customer Care for your resale authorization at this stage. You will then be asked if you want to replace it with another item or the same but different size if available, or be REFUNDED, using the voucher value of the item, net of transport costs originally incurred and documented.
BEFORE REJECTION is OBLIGATORY please contact us to receive the return authorization number.
No refunds are made for any reason, no changes are made to the products in the outlet area or during the period of the sale (only change of size if available), if you have any doubts or are undecided on the size, or you want more photos, please contact us first.